Citizen Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is to ensure transparency and enhance the trust between the Bradenton Police Department and the Bradenton community by demonstrating police credibility and responsiveness; ensuring citizen complaints are welcomed and taken seriously by this agency; identifying trends of wrongful conduct by Bradenton Police Department employee(s); recommending training improvements, and increasing the public’s knowledge about the complaint and investigation process of the Bradenton Police Department.


The members of the Citizen Advisory Committee are:

Donald Goudy – Ward One
Local Entrepreneur with over 35 years of Leadership and Managerial experience in a variety of positions. Mr. Goudy believes in law and order and fairness, and equality for all. 

Dr. Bruce Benson – Ward Two
Retired Michigan Police Chief and University professor who wants to contribute to this community and assist in improving police-community issues and use his talents and experience in community policing for the good of others.

Marcus Moriba – Ward Two
Local Entrepreneur and business owner who believes a culture of accountability in law enforcement is essential. He believes in order to strengthen community-police relations, we must better understand community dynamics and develop individual connections between community members and law enforcement officers tasked with serving and protecting them.

Brent Cohenour – Ward Three
Local business owner and lifelong resident (third generation) of Manatee County. He is involved with numerous charitable drives and projects and wants to give back to the community and make Bradenton a better place.

Deirdre Guilloton – Ward Four
A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who wants to be directly involved with her community. She feels it is essential to stay involved in the community and oversight of the public processes. 

Edward Barthell – Ward Five
Reverend Barthell serves as the pastor of St. Stephen A.M.E. Church in Bradenton. He wants to engender a better dialogue and relationship with the Police Department. He believes the police getting to know the community creates a greater relationship.

 JoAnn Spencer – Ward Five
A native of Manatee County and a Liaison for the Washington Park Neighborhood. She describes herself as a “Servant Vessel,” striving to make her community a better place for everyone who continues to reside and make this their home.

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