Business Trespass Program
Thank you for your interest in the Bradenton Police Department’s Business Trespass Program.

In an effort to make our community a safer place in which to live, work and visit, the Bradenton Police Department has created a Business Trespass Program.  Participants in this Program authorize all Bradenton Police Officers to enforce Florida Statutes for Trespass on private property when the Owner/Agent is not present.

The Business Trespass Program is designed to provide business/commercial owners, certain private property owners, and the Bradenton Police Department with a toll to help identify and reduce the opportunities of criminal activity occurring on a Program participant’s property such as burglary, vandalism, and trespassing.  This Program allows duly authorized law enforcement officers to act as authorized agents of the business owner.  The success of this Program depends on strong participation by business owners, commercial property owners, and authorized private property owners in the community.  

There are three key benefits becoming a program participant:
 1. Owners will no longer be required to come out to their property after hours to issue a trespass warning in the presence of an officer.
 2. Registered property will be less prone to loitering, disorderly conduct, or other unlawful activity.
 3. Registered property will project a more positive public image.

To learn more about the Business Trespass Program or sign up, please contact Kimberly Hensley at 941-932-9323 or
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