False Alarm Reduction Program
The Bradenton Police Department receives an average of over 1,800 alarm calls a year, and false alarms account for more than 50% of those calls. These false alarms divert law enforcement resources from crimes in progress, other emergency situations, and time spent patrolling assigned areas. The Bradenton Police Department expends approximately 900 staffing hours per year responding to false alarm calls.

Register your security alarm here or call to register at (855) 664-4472.
Alarm registration is live, and all alarms will have to be registered within 30 days of notification. There is NO COST to register an alarm system.

The City’s revised alarm ordinance, which was approved by the City Council last year, requires residents and businesses to pay fines for false alarms. There will be no charge for the first false alarm at a location; however, a series of graduated fines starting at $100 per violation will be assessed for repeated false alarms. The fee will be reduced for those with registered alarm systems.

Please help us reduce the number of false alarms so that Bradenton Police Department officers can continue to make the City of Bradenton a better place in which to live, work, visit, and conduct business.
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